5 Weight Loss Foods that Actually Work Fast

March 3, 2017

Usually, people who have heavy weights always need to know the different types of foods, that are good in order to help them, shed pounds or lose weight. One essential thing you should note is that, with diets, you can never find a perfect one. There are important types of foods that scientist researchers have researched on, and came to a conclusion that, they are efficient and fast when used for weight loss. Most of these foods do have different ways which they work, but they all perform the same duty. If you eat these foods you will experience a great change in your weight.

Here a five different kinds of foods to take for weight loss


Pistachios are nuts and they actually very good to use to lose weight in your body. The reason why this nut is great to consume for weight loss is that it contains high protein, healthy fats and fiber. Sometimes you might be confused with the label, “Fat”, you should not have doubts because, the fat in it is completely unsaturated, the heart healthy kind and brain. When you count calories it will mislead you because you should note that not all calories are actually made equal. Research was carried out by people in UCLA center for Human nutrition, on people with from two sets, with identical low calories for about two twelve weeks. One set consume 240 calories, equivalent to pistachios for their afternoon meal, while the other set ate 220 calories equivalent of pretzels. The result showed that the BMI which is the body mass of the people who ate pistachio, actually lose weight and they also experienced a drop in their triglyceride and cholesterol levels.


This is another great food to consume to help you lose weight. Researches have been carried out on yogurt, and it was published that yogurt is a vital factor to know how people ensure, to keep a good weight as they grow bigger and people that instead gain more weight. Statistics drawn from research, on health study was used by Darius Mozzafarian of Harvard University to analyze the way more than 120,000 people eat. What was discovered was that, yogurt was the number food, which actually sheds pounds. Yogurt was the main food, which this people ate and it helped them to lose weight, this is why there is a great possibility that, the healthy gut flora enhanced by yogurts beneficial probiotics, have a role in maintaining a good body weight and losing weight.


If you intend to lose weight, you need to substitute meat with mushroom, because it has the taste of meat and texture. It will live you feeling like, you actually consumed real meat. It is essential to reduce your consumption of meat in your foods, in order to help you lose weight. Meat promotes you to gain weight, so to ensure to maintain a good body weight, why not try out mushrooms as a substitute. Research’s have also been carried out by, members of a weight management center, in the school of public health, at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg and it was published that people who stopped consuming meat, in one meal a day and instead consumed mushrooms experienced a great loss in their body weight. This research was carried out, for over a year consisting of seventy three people, noticed that people who consumed mushroom initially consumed 173 less calories and 4.5 grams of less fat in a single day, this made them to drop 7 pounds each in the process. This is a great reason why, it is recommended that you try out mushrooms as a way of losing weight.

weightlossfoodsoliveoilOlive Oil

People with weight problems can also consume Olive, oil because it is monounsaturated. It is a very healthy diet to take for weight loss. Like other foods, research studies has also proven that, oleic acid that that is present in the olive oil transforms in the consumers small intestine, to a compound known as oleoylethanolamide, and it eventually reduces the hunger in your stomach and largely diminishes your appetite in a way which, signals are transmitted to the brain, informing the brain that your stomach is full, this will now suppress any sense of hunger in you and make you full. That is why it is very essential for you to always, put olive oil in your healthy salad`s. When you mix you salad, with olive oil you have added the advantage of every antioxidant vegetables. This proves that olive oleic acid, is largely present in olive oil. These is one of the many types of diets, which you can consume and this Mediterranean diet called olive oil, has many natural healthy effects which takes place in the human body, it is rich when it comes to reducing your body weight, but you should note that there are several other health benefits when you consume it.

weightlossfoodsoatbranOat Bran

This diet is also good to use for weight lose and it is renowned in the United Kingdom and Europe in General. In Europe and United kingdom Oat Bran has a great profile and is well known, there most people move around with this diet and they actually consume three tablespoons of it in a single day. People found it easier to consume much of this diet because, it was available in several Oat Bran bars especially in France, and the French women for decades consume it. Oat Bran actually works, if you take it, you should not have doubts about it, because it is very high in fiber. After consuming Oat Bran, you will become full, just like Oats naturally; it absorbs a great amount of fat in the body. Most medical practitioners highly recommend Oat Bran, because it actually reduces cholesterol. You should try out this diet, it is very efficient in reducing weight in the body, you can as well consume one plate of oatmeal for breakfast every single day and it will help you in losing weight.

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