7 High Protein Foods To Lose Weight

October 10, 2018

Losing weight is difficult but what is more difficult in this entire process is the diet plan that one has to go through. If high protein foodsyou are one of those persons who eats a lot and is always trying out something new to eat, then following a diet plan may be a difficult task for you and one that is quite gruesome. In order to lose weight, the two important things are following a healthy diet plan and doing the extensive workout. Both these things combined can help you lose weight in a quick span of time provided that both these things were done as prescribed.

For workout routines, one always has the back of a gym instructor at the gym who continuously monitors your performance and your work out on daily basis. Even if you are going wrong somewhere while exercising, the instructor will come up and rectify your mistake. So there is someone at the back that can help you if you are not performing well but in case of following a proper diet, it is all up to you what you are doing and what diet plans you are following.

While following a diet plan one of the most important things that people have to do is to follow the diet plan according to the timings provided in the plan. In case you miss out on any timing then there can be problems for you as the whole thing has been designed in a way where time management becomes really important. Eating the meals and drinking juices on time is important so that different meal timings do not clash with each other. Usually, during the diet plan, the meal timings are not very far apart hence missing one could mean that you may just have to skip that thing totally.

While following the diet plan, you may notice that your nutritionist may have given you lots of different things to eat but most of them will be related to protein intake only. There are a lot of high-protein foods that are available and people have been using them in order to reduce their weight. These protein food are quite common and are now used extensively in every diet plan. Different protein intake food is chosen for different timings but all of them are quite effective when it comes to the weight loss process. This is where the main question arises that how does protein help in losing weight? You can also add one of the best weight loss pills for women if you want to expedite the weight loss process.

Protein has different advantages and one such advantage is that it alters the hunger hormones so that you don’t end up eating a lot. High intake of protein will make sure that you have a satisfactory feeling and you don’t overeat. This is why you tend to eat less due to reduced hunger feeling. Another reason for protein intake is that it helps in burning down the calories by helping you digest and metabolize the food that you eat.  So by reducing your appetite and cutting down the calories, proteins can help you with weight loss process effectively. We will now take you through some of the best protein foods that you can use in order to reduce weight.


Eggs are considered to be one of the most important sources of protein and if you are on a diet than the eggs are the go-to things for you. One of the best things about eggs is that everyone eats or has an eating an egg during breakfast so they don’t have to eat something that may be new to them. Thus eggs become an automatic choice for people as a source of protein intake whenever they are on a mission to lose weight and lose weight quickly. Thus eggs are considered to be the best ingredient with which one can start of the day as well.

By eating 2 large eggs in a day one can get a protein intake of approximately 14 grams for just 140 calories only. However, it needs to be made sure that one eats the eggs with the yolk as well as the fat in the yolk helps people to keep their sugar level steady all the time. Another advantage of the egg is that it also reduces the hunger hormones as well. So if you are eating eggs in the breakfast then there will be less production of hunger hormones and you will eat less during the course of the next 36 hours, which is just incredible.

Cottage Cheese

Cheese is one of the most loved items that people want to consume. The main reason for having cheese is that you can have it with almost anything and at the time. You can have cheese with egg in the morning, or you can have a cheesy pizza or you can have a burger with cheese. There are just so many alternatives available. But not all cheese that you eat is healthy for your health. However, there is cottage cheese that is just the perfect solution for you when you are on a weight reducing diet and looking to eat cheese.

This particular cheese will provide you with the protein that you need for your body with little calories as well. One cup of cottage cheese that you consume has 28 grams of proteins in it and has only 163 calories in it. This particular cheese is not as popular as the Greek yogurt but the thing is that it gives you more proteins i.e. 28 grams as compared to the Greek yogurt 24 grams. Not only this, the cottage cheese is inexpensive as compared to the Greek yogurt making it an automatic choice for most of the people. So you just know what you want to consume and at what price.

Canned Tuna

If you are a seafood fan who wants to get their hands on seafood even while having the diet mode can have the tuna. Canned Tuna is easily available and contains 22 grams of proteins with calories fewer than 100 in a 3-ounce serving. This is why this particular food is hit amongst many as it contains 94% protein and the remaining 6% calories coming from the fat called Omega-3s. The Omega-3s has been associated with weight loss hence it is also a good addition for a person. The more you eat canned tuna there more you have chances to increase your protein intake.

Another added advantage that this particular food gives you is that it will provide you with an inexpensive mode of protein intake. The canned tuna is really inexpensive as it is available in stores for around $2 a can only. You can use canned tuna with different things in order to make a completely different meal out of it. Some people like to go for canned tuna salad while some of the people want to make a sandwich of canned tuna in a pita bread so that they can enjoy a good sub in dinner. All these little things make canned tuna an important part of the protein intake family.

Chicken Breast (Boneless and Skinless)

Who doesn’t love chicken? It is everywhere. Whether it’s the burgers or pizzas or anything else, you will find chicken almost everywhere. But only a few people would know that chicken is a huge contributor as a protein intake. However, it’s not the whole chicken that serves as a protein intake rather it’s the chicken breast only. You can have boneless and skinless chicken breast in order to get the protein intake you want and don’t consume the entire chicken. A chicken breast will give you protein intake of 26 grams with 128 calories only.

You won’t find a better combination for calorie and protein intake than what chicken breast is providing you. Another important reason to use chicken breast as a protein intake is the number of ways that this chicken breast can be cooked and use. You can use it as a grilled chicken or you can use it in salads or as a sandwich or anything else. There are just endless numbers of things that you can make with a chicken breast and this is why it is one of the most important food items that you will find people use when they are following a strict diet plan.


Another seafood item that is up for the grabs as a major source of protein intake is none other than the Salmon. This particular fish type will provide you with 22 gram of proteins along with 155 calories for an 85 gram of cooked salmon. The salmon also contains a lot of Omega-3s that helps in people having a low-fat percentage in their bodies. Thus it is recommended that people should have more and more use of Salmon so that it increases the protein intake and also burns the fat with Omega-3s.

The Salmon also contains Selenium, a mineral that is there in the Salmon. This mineral helps to boost the immunity and serves as an antioxidant. You can buy canned Salmon or even cook fresh Salmon and serve it with different toppings. Also, there are quite a few ways in which you can cook and use Salmon in your food. You can cook and eat salmon on your own or in your salads or even in grill it to eat it. This particular food item is filled with healthy fats and proteins and there is nothing harmful in it at all.


Lentils are another source of protein food that you can find and use which will not only provide you with protein intake but will also give your fiber as well. a cup of lentils will contain protein of 18 grams and 15 grams of fiber as well. The fiber that you get from lentils is extremely beneficial as you are able to stabilize your blood sugar and digest your meal at the same time due to the lentils only. So lentils keep you satisfied for hours as your meal is digested properly and your blood sugar is also normal at the time.

The impact on lentils on the human body can be thought from the fact that people who eat just one serving of lentils daily lost around 220 grams in just six weeks. These people did not make any changes to their other diet plan and just increased the use of lentils in their life. so imagine how much more beneficial lentils can be if you using them through a proper diet plan as well as having an exercise plan ready for you all the time. the impact of lentils will be much more than you can imagine if this particular thing happens.


Bison may sound something unique to you but it is not as it is something that people generally know. Bison is buffalo meat that is now being used as an alternative to beef meat. Not everyone will agree to go for it but the thing it is really healthy providing you with 24 grams of proteins in a 4-ounce serving. Not only this it has just 2.5 grams of fat and is far healthier than the beef meat that we all have been eating for the longest of time. Hence in order to part ways with beef meat, Bison or buffalo meat is the smartest choice that can come across right now.

The buffalo meat contains lots of iron, phosphorous, zinc, and vitamin B12 that is beneficial for the human body. Another good thing about the use of buffalo meat is that you can cook it in the same way that you have cooked beef meat throughout your life. all the steak options or grilled meat options are available for buffalo meat as well. This is why Bison is important as it provides you with different cooking alternatives as well and does not let you miss beef meat a lot as well. so make a burger patty or a steak or make meatballs out of Bison, because everything is healthy when you are eating a diet full of proteins.

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