Best Fat Burning Foods for Men

March 3, 2017

Focusing on your diet is very important, when you’re trying to lose weight or burn away the fat on your body. You can run all you want and it won’t take away a single pound off of you, if you’re storing too much fat in your body every day. Fortunately, there are many different types of foods, which can actually help you get rid of your fat instead of giving you more fat. We may not realize that, because commercial food and food at the restaurants is not made to make you healthier- it’s made to satisfy your short term needs. That’s why taking care of this on your own is the best solution to lose all that excessive fat.

Keeping your insulin down is one way to regulate your health and fat percentage. Different elements like complex carbohydrates and fiber can speed up your metabolism considerably. As it’s pumping up, it’s burning your fat away at the same time. That’s why your body gains the most weight, when you’re eating bad and doing nothing- at that point, your body is simply piling up your fat due to the slow metabolism.

One of the biggest mistakes men make when losing weight is eating less. Every time you skip a meal, you slow down your metabolism, which doesn’t make you lose weight, it’s the opposite- your body is storing fat in your body. Calcium in milk is another enhancer of your metabolism speed. It has been studied that people, who drink more milk, lose the weight twice as quick as those, who don’t.

If you like spicy food, Jalapenos, Habaneros and Cayennes are the three best types of peppers to consume, when you want to speed up your metabolism and burn your fat. They also speed up your heart rate and it will burn your fat and calories for up to three hours after eating a pepper. Capsaicin is the ingredient of these peppers, which makes them hot and at the same time very good for us.

Drinking tea or coffee also speeds up metabolism, which can be very inconveniant, if you’ve had too much coffee. In the proper measurements, though, they do wonders for our body. The caffeine in coffee speeds up our heart rate just like capsaicin does, which burns your fat. Green tea has another ingredient called EGCG, which doesn’t affect your heart, it stimulates your brain cells and nerves. That’s why green tea is often advised for men with heart issues, especially if they have a problem with a high heart rate.

Protein is another source of good exercise for your metabolism. The main foods with lots of protein are different meats like lean beef, chicken, turkey and pork. Pork has more fat than the others, but is still good for men. According to a research, protein is harder to digest for your body than fat and carbohydrates, which means that your body burns the most calories when eating protein.

For vegetarians, fish are also a great type of food to burn your fat away. There are Omega-3 fatty acids in salmon, sardines and tuna. These fatty acids alter your levels of leptine, which is a hormone. The function of this hormone is deciding whether to burn your fat or store it. Interestingly enough, cinnamon has the same affect. For men who are strict non-meat eaters, there are many supplemets with this fish oil out there, in the form of a capsule.

There’s a common misconception regarding the health of drinking fresh natural fruit juice. The problem is your body needs fiber. When you drink a glass of fresh orange juice, for instance, your body receives sugar in the form of fructose, but it’s too much at once. The body is designed to take in one orange and all of the sugar it has- when you drink a glass of it, that’s at least three or four oranges at once. That’s too much for your body, because it doesn’t have fiber attached to it.

That’s when sugar is good for you- when it’s attached to the fiber of the fruit you’re eating. Once you extract the sugar, your body will simply store it. You may also think that sugar gives you energy, but it doesn’t. All it does is using the energy you already had all at once, which makes you tired. Replacing olive oil with coconut oil for cooking also helps with your weight. Consuming it will enable you to burn fat to use energy, which is great.

Even when you’ve had your diet plan all worked out, there’s still more you can do for yourself. As I mentioned, there are several supplements out there on the market that can help you burn your fat more quickly. One of the revolutionary products on the market right now are the PhenQ diet pills.

The secret ingredient, which affects your body is a patented formula, called α-Lacys Reset. The formula has two ingredients- alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine. With the help of this formula your metabolism will normalize and be more active.

It actually minimizes your appetite and burns your fat more quickly. It will also affect your brain, giving it more fuel. There are other ingredients in these PhenQ pills like caffeine, which will naturally give you a lot of energy and it will also lessen your appetite. Plus, since you have your daily dose of caffeine in this supplement, you will save money on buying coffees.

There is calcium carbonate in it as well, which causes body cells to burn your fat as they’re producing it. Capsimax powder is a rarer ingredient, which includes a B3 vitamin and fat burning supplements. This powder naturally brings up your body temperature, forcing it to burn more fat.

There’s Nepal in these PhenQ pills, which is a type of cactus. It has fiber and amino acids. It has a nutritional effect on your body. The final ingredient of this formula is L-carnitine furmarate, which is also an amino acid, giving you the satisfied feeling of not being hungry. By taking two of these pills a day, you can start thinking about a healthier future. For less than $200, a big pack of these are yours and you could start your journey of burning all of that unwanted fat today in a healthy way.

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